April 12, 2007

if you can't stand the 1st amendment, stay off of our blogs!

Watch out JL Kirk & Associates. Nashville is Talking about you. All of us.

the stupid stuff i witness
Bob Krumm has verbed you
Malicious Support
Tiny Cat Pants
Women's Health News
Comments on "She's Been Served"
Bill Hobbs

How's all of that for libel free speech?

Don't worry, there's more. And there will continue to be more. This is just a small list to get you started on all the certified letters you need to get out. Also, there are links on each page that will take you to more prospective certified letter recipients. You may just want to send one big fat one to Google too. I've also heard there are couple of newspapers about to excersize their first amendment rights as well, so you better get on that too.

I'm with you. We really can't be letting people express their personal opinions on their personal blogs. But that's just my personal opinion on my personal blog.

Oops. Better add me to that list now too...



At 12:02 PM, Blogger hwy said...

Add For Lack of a Better Word by Holly very enthusiastically to that list (once her teeth stop grinding and her hands stop shaking after reading about all this).


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