February 23, 2008

a Susan B. Anthony would have been nice

This morning my dog Roxy pooped a penny.

I had no idea she could do that.

Unfortunately, due to certain, uh, conditions, I could not tell if it landed heads or tails. (insert joke here). Regardless, I am guessing I have one lucky pet.

I'm trying not to get too excited... but I could be on to something here. I have asked her to try for a nickel tomorrow. I don't want to hope for too much too soon. You know. No need to get greedy.

February 19, 2008

TODAY ONLY! Liveblogging my own personal thoughts:


February 16, 2008

too cool

Feb 16, 2008 12:36 PM


RE: iTunes??


Hey Emily! I made 'Drive Slow' available as a free download on myspace for you guys. The album comes out March 5th on iTunes and all other digital download services. You can also download it from tikilewis.com right now. I have a store on there. Thank you so much for writing in. Currently working on the whole touring thing. I would love to play nashville.


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Emily
Date: Feb 16, 2008 6:43 AM

Hey Tiki!
I happened to catch your song drive slow on Good Morning America today. I LOVED it! Will your stuff ever be available on iTunes? Will you be playing Nashville anytime soon?

thanks from your new fan,

my kind of song

I heard this song this morning on Good Morning America. It was one of those songs that just grabbed me... you know the kind. I went online to look up the artist and this is what I found:

It's by a girl named Tiki Lewis. She's not on iTunes, so I sent her a MySpace message asking when she'll have this song and others available for download. I know that might sound crazy, but it's worked in the past. Once I sent a message to Peter Bradley Adams. His song Los Angeles was the last song I can remember in recent days that has done this 'grab' phenomenon thing to me. He wrote back and said it was coming. I now have it on my iPod. Check it out (and this one too of course) if you want to know what I'm talking about.

Drive Slow by Tiki Lewis

There is a place I know
Where the people are alone
They hide behind their cars and clothes
And shine their broken halo's

They lay awake at night and think
while their lovers fast asleep
thinking how its suppose to be
as years pass by so quickly

So drive slow, drive slow
steady yourself don't let go.
Lay your burdens down
and lighten your load
drive slow, drive slow

Ooh I went to the house I grew up in
like walking through a coffin
My memories foggy in this hollow space
This disbelief I can't erase.

So drive slow, drive slow
steady yourself don't let go.
Lay your burdens down
and lighten your load
drive slow, drive slow

In a town like this lord only knows
why you hold on when you should be letting go
And we all grow up but we never get old...singing

So drive slow, drive slow
steady yourself don't let go.
Lay your burdens down
and lighten your load
drive slow, drive slow

In a town like this I thought you should know that
I've moved on but I'll never let go
And as I go down this winding road
I'll drive slow.

February 15, 2008

no love for NIU?

This post is simply meant to be a question to cast out into the internets. No judgment is passing, no intended social commentary nestled between the lines. Just curiosity that has momentarily struck me in light of current events.

I expected yesterday, and then again today, to turn on my computer, open my feed reader and see an explosion of commentary on the shootings at NIU. But what I found instead was... nothing. Am I missing something? Did I miss your post? I admit I have dwindled my reader down to the bare and most notable of my minimum - a skinny 34 feeds reside in my Bloglines.

I find it strange that no one in my blog circle (selective as it may be) has written anything about the shootings at NIU. Maybe its the same reason I also have not...but then I didn't blog about the shootings at Virginia Tech last year either. Personally I don't feel as connected to this school as I do to Tech. But all the same, there was a LOT of blogging about it last year. And I know there are a lot of people who ARE connected to NIU, even here in Nashville. Last year there were constant updates and even webpage ribbons. This time is different. Is it because not as many died? Is it because we're over it? No matter what the reason is.. I just thought I'd send out the question. Comment as you like.

I just think it's strange that I see more blog love on and for a day that comes every year on 2/14 than I see for a school that is experiencing one of the worst days it's ever known, and hopefully ever will know.

Read one memorial here