May 26, 2007

she's like, totally 7 now, and stuff

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

May 25, 2007

phriday photo: rock star

Eric Heatherly @ The Stage on Broadway, Tuesday 5/22

May 22, 2007

you are what you see

If you visit here regularly, you may (or may not) have noticed something. I don't blog about t.v. shows. This is because I don't really watch t.v. that much. Yes, I have one, and yes, I have cable. And yes, I do, on occasion, decide to sit down and relax by voluntarily turning off my brain and turning on that blackhole box. But I don't have a show. I don't want a show. I want to explain why. This post is dedicated to those of you out there who have a show, have too many shows, or think you need a show. And you all know I know you know who you all are...

Top Ten reasons why you do not need a show:

10. You are what you see. This could be bad if you are watching - well anything. Unless you are watching your own reality t.v. show, and then that would be, just, meta - and therefore redundant, and also a little bit egomaniacal. But I digress.

9. Studies show watching teevee produces less brain activity than sleeping. It also has an adverse affect on your ability to discern reality from fantasy. And that's not just when you're watching The Real World.

8. Excessive televisioning inhibits our social capabilities. By becoming sucked into the world of fantasy-based situations, we are less likely to maintain real-world relationships and problem-solving skills. Can I insert one more hyphyenated-word? Segue into #7.

7. Nobody wants to be friends with you if this scenario happens more than twice:

Your phone: ringing
You: hello?
Your friend: hey dude! what's up? do you want to grab a bite tomorrow night?
You: I can't.
YF: why not man? gotta hot date?
You: yah man. Desparate Housewives!! duh. Don't you watch?
YF: dude - no man. That's messed up. (and yes, yes it is.)
You: click

6. OR Scenario 2 (a variation of scenario 1)
Your phone: ringing
You: hello?
YF: hey friend! I need help! My engine just blew. I'm on 65 at the Dickerson Pike exit. Can you come get me?
You: uh, can you wait until American Idol is over? They're about to send someone home.
YF: click (in case this needs translation, you two are sooo not friends anymore!)

5. ooh, one more!! Scenario 3: At all costs, do NOT let this be you:
Your phone: ringing
You: hit 'ignore' on your phone. I mean, come on - the Bachelor is JUST ABOUT to hand out the first 10 roses...

4. Your coworkers WISH they had something better to discuss than whether Meredith Grey is a better character alive or dead. They are secretly counting on you to bring the more meaningful discussions of the world to the table. You know like, salvation, for example.

3. You have better things to do and better things to blog about. You could blog about what you did instead of watching Lost. Remember, you already have passions, interests and viable hobbies. T.V. shoud be a filler, an extra, a last resort - never a priority. (see #5-7)

2. Jack Bauer is never going to love you as much as you love him. And if he was real *gasp!* he would probably kill you.

And the #1 reason why you do NOT need a show....

1. Your MOM has a show.

1. You have friends, family, pets, charities and even enemies that deserve your inheritance much more than Sammie's baby on Days of Our Lives. Her baby has a diddy. They just don't know who it is yet.

Disclaimer: I have, sometimes in the past, been privy to shirking off certain social engagements and responsibilities to watch Top Chef, Friends, Real World/Road Rules challanges, America's Next Top Model, and others I am too ashamed to mention by name. Please know I have seen the error of my ways and no longer....oh forget it. I think Deal or No Deal is about to start.

May 18, 2007

phriday photo: neon at the roof

May 14, 2007

all wired up

I took my laptop to Panera yesterday afternoon to do some writing since they have free wifi and awesome food. As I was putting it and the AC adaptor in my carrying case I decided I should grab my iPod and headphones, and spent about a minute and a half untangling my earbuds. My cell phone was also in desparate need of charging, so I brought my charger as well. I wanted to bring my camera and transfer all my current pics to my laptop, but honestly did not feel like lugging it out the house also, not to mention, another plug-in cord. I got to looking at all my gadgets....all of these wireless gadgets of this wireless age. And what did I see?

A bunch of wires.

BTW, happy 100th post to me :)

May 11, 2007

phriday photo: where in Nashville?

I drive past this scene about a dozen times every week. Do you know where it is? Hint: it is owned by a founding member of the Grand Ol' Opry.

May 07, 2007

moonlighting, baby!

Today I officially became a freelance writer! I accepted a position as's Nashville City writer. This is so part-time, and it's not like I'm giving up my day job or anything. Though hopefully one day, that would be the plan.

Thanks to Ivy and Brittney for pimping the call for writers on NiT where I read about it and thought, 'hmm...'

That hmm... became additional income. Score!

Therefore, posting at For the Love may be lighter in the coming weeks as I get used to my new required writing schedule at 451. If you miss me though, come on by and visit me at my new paying gig! I'd love to have ya. The more traffic, the more commission baby.

I'll post the link to my site once there is posting to be read. Right now it's a little....bare.

May 04, 2007

phriday photo: Ingram Record Plating

May 03, 2007

and her name shall be called...

So it's official: I am a new aunt again.


Apparently for the last 9 months my sister has been unknowingly carrying the next big thing to hit the Carden household.

No. Seriously, you guys will believe anything.

They got a PUPPY!!!

This is awesome since it happens to be the next best thing to having one of my own. It's like training wheels for the soon-to-be-puppy-mother. Much like being an aunt to actual children, except I'm no soon-to-be-mother to any of those.

I'm holding out until I get a house (possibly this year), or until I just can't take it anymore and I break down low enough to pay the exorbitant pet deposit plus adoption fees, shots, food, clothing, bedding, toys, pet insurance, I leaving anything out?? Motherhood is expensive. Aunthood is soooo much better!

Now all she needs is a name. GMan wants to call her doggy. JBelle wants to call her Clara. David wants to call her Taffy. I want to call her Sweetmamalicksalot. Malia wants to never name her in hopes that it's never been done before and she can rock with the likes of the artist formerly known as Prince. Who knows what's in store for this nameless pup....other than a severe identity crisis at the age of 10 weeks.

how cute is SHE?

Cute? Yes. Amazing? Definitely. Legendary? Always.
Before I begin oding to Patty Griffin, I'd like to share a story.

Monday night I went to a friend's brand new house in Mt. Juliet that she won on a reality t.v. show so we could watch a personal screening of the show that will publicly air on Saturday May 5 (yes, really.) I told her, I'm going to see Patty Griffin at the Ryman tomorrow night! She said, "oh yeah!?, the one with the red hair?!" I said, "yes!" and immediately felt in my heart that this friend did not know who Patty Griffin was, but was instead, erringly referring to KATHY GRIFFIN!

Oh yes. Yes she did.


On to a happier story.

Patty was beautiful, and humble, and soulful, and girly. All the things I love about her, plus. She wore a light green sparkly cocktail dress with flaming red stilettos that mirrored her hair. She was a vision. She's also very tiny. Did you know that? Yes, very tiny.

She pranced onto the stage like a child approaching the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. She was giddy, and Nashville sat in silent awe as she carefully sat down at the piano to begin with a little french diddy her grandmother used to sing. I wish I knew what she was singing about. It sounded like love wrote a lullaby, but it was probably about turnip greens. It doesn't really matter either way. It was magnificent.

After that she stood and chose a guitar and the band came out and they were miraculous and moving and I promise nobody's voice laces a cello and upright bass like Patty's. There were moments when you could not decipher her from the strings. And then there were moments when all you heard was her big melodic bellow coming from that tiny whimsical frame. And she would giggle when we clapped as if it were all too much for little 'ol her. I love when they're humble.

Patty took us on a ride all the way from Stay On the Ride (my personal fav from Children Running Through) to Trapeze, to the only "happy" song she ever wrote - Burgundy Shoes, to an acoustic Mary during which the entire audience let out a collective and audible breath when she sang its first note, to Gettin' Ready which fulfilled the 'rock your face off' concert requirement, and of course a love song for her dog. Can you guess it? It's only her biggest, newest single right now. Yup. Heavenly Day. Wrote it for her dog. That's what she said. And then she closed the show with three songs, one being Rain. I swear I thought raindrops would fall through the ceiling at her mere symphonic request.

At the end of the evening, when all was sung and done, I was a satisfied fan. I felt it was much more than a showcase of rare talent and genuine character. I felt like Patty had come to see us -Nashville, to play at the famed Ryman, to walk among ghosts and leave her own spirit drifting in the shadows of history. To take the stage and present a song or two that would leave her heart, travel through her lips and be received as a gift. That's what it felt like. So thanks Patty. And come again.

For a couple of other (more eloquent) accounts of the experience that is Ms. Griffin-Live at the Ryman, go here and here.