January 31, 2009

fun at Wal-Mart

foot warmers with dog heads, $3.00 clearance

required safety warning, absolutely priceless

January 01, 2009

I've waited my whole life to say this

This is the year I plan my wedding :)

August 8th, 2009

219 days... and counting!

September 17, 2008

if you only knew

I still want the mac & cheese
and I don't like the way I smell today.
It reminds me of when I was unemployed 7 years ago
...must have been what I was wearing then.


August 09, 2008

St. Louis in the palm of our hands...

not that big...
Originally uploaded by Emily Ramsey
Highlights from our trip to St. Louis:

Nancy Magellan - our personal GPS navigational instructor.
Driving into St. Louis for the first time and seeing the Arch in the distance
The Gateway Arch, baby!!
Riding the pod to the top of the arch
Lacledes Landing
Our waitress at Pujols 5 who refers all her customers to Ozzie's for darts, even though the restaurant she works at also has darts.
Ted Drewes frozen custard
Lemp Mansion (not really haunted, but the wait staff might be a little posessed)
The Hill! (Cunetto House of Pasta & Ragazzi's)
Page Boulevard... what?
Driving all over St. Louis
Driving the entire distance of the state of MO from St. Louis to KC
Seeing 40 states on license plates along the way (including Hawaii & Alaska)
Watching the Red Sox embarass the hometeam Royals. Booyah!
Gates BBQ
Not knowing how to order anything at Gates BBQ
Union Station
Mud Pie at the Landing...was that chocolate ice cream?
Looking for 52 states

Check out more pictures at Flickr ------>

July 05, 2008

I logged on to Blogger this morning to see if this thing was still here. I am surprised to find that not only do I remember my password, but my password remembers me.

So how was everyone's Fourth of July yesterday? Mine was a little piece of perfect. We got up early (earlier than I get up for work, and on my extra day off!!) and skipped over to the Maryland Farms YMCA to join about 1300+ runners at the Cadillac Firecracker 5k. It was so fun! I haven't run a 5k in about 6 years. I enjoyed this one being on July 4th... we started with a prayer and the National Anthem, and then we were off! My time?? Embarrassing by most runner's standards and experience, but I was happy that I ran the whole thing without stopping in 30 minutes.

For lunch we grilled tilapia, swordfish, chicken, burgers, etc...

Then after an hour and half nap (I needed it after getting up at 5:38 and running), we took in a Sounds game. I haven't been to one of those in a couple of years either. This seemed to me to be the perfect thing to do on July 4th. America's past-time...corndogs...icecream served in a mini basball cap... fireworks... and then sitting in an enclosed parking cage for an hour while 500 cars try to squeeze out of one exit... receiving verbal obscenities from other drivers in the parking cage. Ahhh...America!

Next year we're parking a mile away and walking to the game.

May 16, 2008

Capture Music City

Go here. Vote for my stuff. Add your own stuff. Ask me to vote for it.

Thanks. And thanks to Chris for the tip. Go vote for his stuff too.

March 09, 2008

twitter this

I am now addicted to Netflix.

Is there a group for this on Facebook?