March 26, 2007

open mic monday

Welcome! Here's a fun little ditty I wrote...about 10 years ago.
Don't think about it too much.

Could it
Can't it
Might it be -
we try too hard,
we dig too deep?
we look too hard,
with passion
we search
spend hours
on hours,
we desperatley
we search
research......we read
and discuss
we fervently seek,
then fail in disgust.
you will notice
an interesting thing:
if you look
you won't see a thing!!!
some poems are like that,
their purpose is dense.
it appears they are
when they're really


Wow! look who's here! It's Gabe Dixon. He'd like to perform my "today's favorite song", All Will Be Well. I'm gonna sneak out now though cuz I've already heard this song play a million times in my head today. You guys enjoy. I'm going to kickboxing.

All Will Be Well - Gabe Dixon Band

The new day dawns,
And I am practicing my purpose once again.
It is fresh and it is fruitful if I win but if I lose,
Oooooo I don’t know.

I will be tired but I will turn and I will go,
Only guessing til I get there then I’ll know,
Oh oh oh I will know.

All the children walking home past the factories
Could see the light that’s shining in my window as I write this song to you.
All the cars running fast along the interstate
Can feel the love that radiates
Illuminating what I know is true,
All will be well.

Even after all the promises you’ve broken to yourself,
All will be well.
You can ask me how but only time will tell.

The winter’s cold,
But the snow still lightly settles on the trees.
And a mess is still a moment I can seize until I know,
That all will be well.

Even though sometimes this is hard to tell,
And the fight is just as frustrating as hell
All will be well.

All the children walking home past the factories,
Could see the light that’s shining in my window as I write this song to you.
All the cars running fast along the interstate
Can feel the love that radiates
Illuminating what I know is true
All will be well.

Even after all the promises you’ve broken to yourself
All will be well.
You can ask me how but only time will tell.

Keep it up and don’t give up
And chase your dreams and you will find
All in time.

All the children walking home past the factories
Could see the light that’s shining in my window as I write this song to you.
All the cars running fast along the interstate
Can feel the love that radiates
Illuminating what I know is true,
All will be well.

Even after all the promises you’ve broken to yourself,
All will be well.
You can ask me how but only time will tell.

All will be well.
Even after all the promises you’ve broken to yourself,
All will be well.

You can ask me how but only time will tell.
You can ask me how but only time will tell.

March 24, 2007

spring cleaning

My apartment lost about 20 pounds this afternoon. I got rid of a whole box of clothes, and several boxes of junk I can't believe I still had. I'm a no-clutter kind of girl. But I still end up accumulating too much stuff I don't need and will never use.

When I was little I used to keep everything. I even had a pair of tennis shoes called Pack Rats. They had little pockets on the side where you could keep stuff. You know like a penny, or a jellybean, or a moth. Did I mention I kept everything?

Now I can't stand to have things around that I don't need or use. It feels heavy. It feels wrong. It makes me anxious and unorganized, and when I feel unorganized my Life seems like one leaky shingle away from overhead disaster. Occasionally I even bereave the decorative items. I look at them with the disdain of a Superior Purposeful Useful Human. What are you, oh ornamental bowl that holds no matter? What say you, inferior green topiary? Have you nothing but the minor power of aesthetic enhancement to contribute to my life?

Post Time-Out: (The) Ohio State is leading Memphis by 6 pts. This unnerves me. I don't think I can take one more 1-point loss this weekend. But I fear those Tigers may disappoint today.

Post Time-In:
Actually, I think I was done with the whole spring cleaning theme.

I do want to make a special shout-out to the local Nashville Thunder little league soccer team. Way to go kids!! My niece is on this team and I couldn't be more thrilled. I hope she enjoys this and will continue to play team sports every opportunity she gets.

On the schedule for tonight: a beautiful New York Strip on the grill, homemade banana pudding, fellowship with good friends, and maybe a little more basketball.

have a great weekend!

March 22, 2007


I can't believe this!

Who does she think she is? THE Hermione Granger? No, she is an actress. She is 16. She is doing a disservice to Harry Potter fans everywhere! Not to mention the illiterate ones. Ok, that may be going a little over the top. But, my goodness!! What's two more films Miss Watson? Um...about $4.5 million in the bank. You're right, that's totally not worth it.

This article, by the way, reminds me of something out of the Scene's Fabricator. Or maybe I'm just in denial.

Another round of butterbeer, please. We're gonna need it.

March 21, 2007

and instead of the fries, can I get a side of your shameless self-promotion?

My coworker Anna and I had lunch at Chili's today. Little did we know we would be served by a local rock star.

We had no sooner sat down and ordered our diet cokes with and without lemon from our waiter Joel, than were we approached by another server who was positive we were both Irish and wanted to know where were were from. Joel comes back with our drinks, shoots 'other server guy' a dirty look and says jokingly, "stop talking to my table."
'Other server guy' runs in the other direction and we all share a short laugh and knowing smile.

Throughout our lunch, 'other server guy' continues to make odd appearances, crouching down at eye level, making inconspicuous Irish conversation, as not to draw attention from Joel. Joel, however, is not so easily deceived, and always seems to round the corner to our rescue at all the right times, sending 'other server guy' in the 'other direction' each time.

By the time we were finishing up, 'other server guy' makes one last attempt to redeem himself. What he says next was surprising, "hey, you two should ask Joel about his show tomorrow night. He's in a band and they're playing at the Rutledge." Ohhh, we get it. "And, if you happen to think of it, will you tell him I'm not as creepy as he probably thinks I am." No problem creepy guy. Exit Creepy Guy.

Enter Joel with our checks. "Hey Joel, are you in a band?"
'Uh, wow - how did you know?'
'We have musician radar.'
'Are you playing tomorrow night?'
'Uh, yah...'
'At the Rutledge on 4th?'
'You're weirding me out.'

He totally knows, by the way that Creepy Guy clued us in. He is laughing and is all fake-embarrassed-like. Then he really starts to make the sale.

'Well you guys should come out. It's going to be totally awesome! Creepy Guy will be there...'
'Right, well, we can't then'
'Hey I never asked if you wanted dessert.'
'We were just saying how full were are...but there's always room for free dessert...'
' about if you come to the show I'll bring chocolate cake.'
'Really? Well, that IS something worth considering."

Very long story short, Anna and I took an unexpectedly long lunch wherein we were detained by our server, Joel Larabell of Brenn, negotiated free dessert at our next trip to Chili's, and scored VIP status at tomorrow night's show.

So anyone else who would like to come on out to the Rutledge tomorrow night @ 8pm and support a few good bands I've never heard of is more than welcome.

Get in line with me & Anna - we're with the band.
(well us and every other girl that was in Chili's this week...)

March 19, 2007

"ahem...*tap tap* this thing on?"

It's open-mic night here at For The Love.

I recently found some poems that I wrote my freshman year of college. It's funny. I knew at the time that I would one day find them and read them, and I always wondered what my future self would think of them when I did. Would I think they were stupid? Would I no longer understand what I was talking about? Would I throw them away in a desparate act of unholy obliteration? Some, I remember, have already fallen victim to the latter. Years ago. But I pulled a few of the survivors out tonight and decided I will probably, at some point, share a select few, here on this stage page. I am surpised to find that the future self I am today would totally write these poems now, that is, if I had more energy and inspiration.

The one I've been thinking of for a while now, goes something like this:

Plunge me
like a naked child
make me learn to
Plunge me
like a dying sinner
into waters that for-
and I will let you
I won't fight
it's what I want
let's make it right.
Plunge me
back into feeling
teach me how to
Plunge me
into contentment
show me I have e-
so make it real
yah, make me see
push me push me
so perfect I'll be.
Plunge me.


Thank you thank you! You're too, really thanks. Good grief! Stop snapping already.

i think a screw was loose

Tonight when I opened up my laptop, I heard something rattling inside.

Never a good sign.

So I shook it all around and finally a little silver screw came bouncing out of the removable internet card slot.


Now my computer has Shaken PC Syndrome.

I have no idea what it was even doing in there. Must have been an extra, superfluous part.

March 17, 2007

nice bracket...

Well first round came and went and I did pretty well, considering my methods. Out of 32 games I only mis-prophesied 10. I have four Sweet Sixteen picks out (all from the West and Midwest), and one out from the Final Four.

My highlights:

Duke was a HUGE upset (for some, not me). Either way I win. Personally, I'd rather see a friend make good on a bet than have Duke go to the second round like I'd put on my bracket. So I'm ok there. Whether or not this friend is OK remains to be seen.

Virginia Tech was a HUGE surprise. Worst. Game. Of-the. First. Round. I had picked them to go to Round 2, but the way they were passing playing all night, it wasn't looking good. Who knew they could pull it out in the last few seconds of the game? Certainly not I. But it was only out of pure FEAR during the last 9 minutes of the game. Adrenaline can make some crazy things happen. My question to the Hokies is, "Do you guys KNOW you don't belong in this tournament? Because you're certainly playing like you do." All I know is if I was on Illinois' team, I would seriously be reconsidering my calling right now.

Kentucky/Villanova: A sampling of the conversation during this game, "Go wildcats." And "hey wildcat, way to steal the ball from that wildcat." Or "i'm gonna predict that the wildcats win tonight." Also, "go blue & white!" One more, "who's responsible for pitting the wildcats up against the wildcats? The 'committee'." In the end though, the wildcats DID win, and my bracket is in good standing.

The last four games of the first round all went a little something like this: the teams I had down to lose were winning in the first few minutes. Then, simultaneously all four scoreboards were tied for about a whole minute (maybe). Then all four of my picks started picking up the pace (except the wildcats) and eventually won.

Over all, I could care less about the West and Midwest games right now. Although I would like to see VT do well, I'm not delusional. I'm pretty sure (and this is based on what I saw last night and not on that "serendipitous feeling" I described in an earlier post) that their party ends tomorrow. Still, you never know. And THAT is the beauty of the Madness. The only game worth seeing today is Vanderbilt & Washington St., though I think I have a prior engagement. The only thing I'm going to say about National Champions at this point is this: my pick is coming from the South, so stay tuned.

March 16, 2007

playing in my head right now:

"I'm free, free to be me
I'm free, free to be me!
Anything I wanna be,
I'm free, free to be me."

Sung by all seven first grades classes (circa 126 children) at Granberry Elementary School.

Any better suggestions out there? Be warned, not even OK Go could get this song out of my head.

March 15, 2007

don't get MAD, just shoot

Truth: March Madness is here

Predictions: Without revealing who my picks are for Final Four or even National Champion, I will start small with a few hopes for First Round.

Disclaimer #1: These picks are based on absolutely nothing save my unexplainable obsession with pure serendipity.

Translation: I like making random picks and seeing how far they actually go.

Disclaimer #2: I understand this is not the way it should be done, but shut up. These are my picks not yours. If you want to talk about YOUR picks and how YOU do it, get your OWN blog.

Yes Collins - I believe Duke will make it past the first round. Even though I would REALLY love to see you make good on your bet.

Indiana over Gonzaga

Vanderbilt over George W. (risky?, who cares.)

Malia, Xavier will bring the Morman spray (I'm sorry, I just can't seem to get enough of that)

Nashville, Belmont will go to the second round, but the party ends there.

Kentucky beats Villanova

Virginia Tech over Illinois

Tennessee over Long Beach

That's all for now, team.

celebrity office party: i had a dream last night

Last night I dreamt that I was at an office party, only we weren't at my office (it felt more like a church building I once knew), and no one from my office was there. As I was walking around I kept noticing all these famous people. Lindsey Lohan was stepping onto the elevator as I was stepping off. We exchanged hellos, but I was completely unaffected by her presence. I passed by two guys that I knew to be famous but I couldn't tell you their names. One was nonchalantly bragging to the other on how he got Mariah Carey's phone number. I keep passing all these people looking for someone I knew. I wanted to find my sister and talk to her. But mostly, I think I was just looking for a place where I belonged.

March 14, 2007

thanks for breaking it down in such simple terms

I hate politics. But for some reason, I am WAY looking forward to next year's presidential election. It's always a media circus, but this time, it will be a star-studded media circus. Our candidates for next term are politicians we all know and love, and some we love-to-hate. We've watched them toil and spin for decades, and now they are taking that all-important step towards the big White House.

Without getting into detail about who my favorite candidates are - we'll save that for another day - I'd like to draw your attention to The Tennessean's latest attempt at "breaking-it-down" for the simple folk in all of us:

As if we hadn't know-ticed.

But thanks anyways for once again for bringing our democracy down another notch.

P.S. I'm reminded of something my sister said about Mormon spray the other day...not sure why that popped into my head just now.

March 12, 2007

five years later: part III (the end of the trilogy)

I should have posted this yesterday, but I had other things to do and the day got away somehow. But yesterday was my 5 year anniversary at work.

Oh, about the title of this post. If you need to watch the first 2 episodes in order to catch up, they are here and here. But you don't HAVE to read them to understand what happens in this final shocking conclusion to the trilogy of "5 years later". I just keep calling it that because I wrote 2 installments of "5 five years later" and always knew I'd write this one when the time came. I feel so....sci-fi-movie-script-writer. Uh...Emily...George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are on the phone. They'd like you to come up with an original idea.

Anyways, yes, five years later I still work for the same company, and I consider it quite an accomplishment. I've gained a lot of experience in a field I never intended to work in, not to mention this fully completed 5th year gets me a third week of vacation and 80% vesting in my 401(k). I don't mean to sound bitter or ungrateful. I really am excited about that extra week of vacation. It's just that, I'm 30, and I've spent 5 years in one place, and I've put a lot of work into it, and yet I still feel like I don't know what I want to do with my life. I still don't know how to get from point A to point B. I know what I want for my life, but I don't feel like I have a lot of control over getting it.

I could list about 10 specific things that I want for my life. But the only one I'm going to mention here is this one: the moral of today's post: Contentment. I want to be content, in every stage of life (is it ironic that I am not content with my lack of contentment?). I want to be content where I am now, with who I am now, knowing that any change made in my life will be made by my Father in order to accomplish His will for my life.

Sometimes I really resent that.

But most of the time, as scary as it is, I really appreciate it.

on the "lighter side" (pun intended)

Subway now offers apples and raisens as side options on their menu!! It's about time.

This, my friends, was the highlight of my day.

Trying to turn that frown upsidedown,

well, it's getting there.


My heart hurts today.

I hate saying goodbye.

March 10, 2007

in response:

"Sending you get well wishes and hoping you'll feel better soon."

Dear MinuteClinic Practitioner:

Thank you for remembering me in my time of need. Out of all the nurses and doctors I've ever visited before, you're the only one who has sent me a get well card! I understand you probably don't have cards that say, "hope the Hepatitus-B vaccine works out for you!", or "wishing your left arm minimal pain and localized redness". Speaking of which, I took your advice on moving my arm around after receiving the shot. I walked around Walgreens for about 5 minutes doing the chicken dance up and down the aisles. It worked! I did not experience any pain, redness, or swelling where the vaccine was administered! I did notice the next day, however, a blue rash-like pattern. But it went away. One question, is green pooh a normal occurance after these kinds of vaccines? Don't worry, that went away too.

Wishing you many happy patients and speedy claims processing all your MinuteClinic days, (and sending you ALL more than you needed to know,)


March 05, 2007

panic! at the clinic

I finally went to the Minute Clinic today to get my Hepatitus B vaccination. I am going to Panama in 4 1/2 months. I knew this vaccine required 3 doses, several months apart, so I really should have gotten on this about 2 months ago. Oops.

Anyways, I get there and the nurse says, "So what's goin' on today?" I say, "oh, I just need to get a vaccine because I am traveling this summer." She looks at me kinda sketchy-like and then I observe her physically switching gears in her head. She expected me to be sick I think.

"Which vaccine do you need?"
"Hepatitus B"
"hmmm...I don't normally work this clinic. I hate working in other people's clinics. I don't know where anything is. Bare with me."
"Yes ma'am."
"You need to sign a vaccination authorization. I don't know where they keep those here"...her voice trails off as she rummages through cabinets in non-lit closets."
"Sure thing."
"Have you been here before?"
"No ma'am."
"Ok, we'll have to put everything in the system then..."
"Yes ma'am."

Several minutes later.

"I don't even know if we have any Hepatitus B on hand."
"Oh! Here's one!"
"It's Merck...not Smith Kline"
"Is that a problem?"
I am internally chuckling, by the way.
"It's ice-cold though."
"Sounds chilling."
"Yup. I'll warm them up for you." She starts rolling tiny bottles of deathly virus in her hands.
"Thanks!" I do prefer a warm virus, after all.

The rest is pretty boring. I got my vaccine. I'll be back on April 4 to get my second dose. I'll have to wait until I get back from Panama to get my final dose. The nurse did not seem to think this would be a problem. "You'll have 2 doses in you." Verbatim. I'm feeling confident. I'll just be sure not to handle any blood, change any diapers, or have sex with any of the locals.

This is a mission trip after all.