December 24, 2006

gummy worms & other Christmas memories

Friday night I was standing in a gift shop at the Nashville airport, skimming the travel-ready packages of candy, making sure I didn't need anything else to accommodate my 1 hour and 40 minute flight to Tampa. My eyes locked on a bag of gummy worms and I was immediately transported to a Christmas long ago....

Abilene, TX: circa 1985 -- We were about to take a very long road trip to Fairfax VA to visit my mom's side of the family for Christmas. As my sister and I crawled into the backseat of our maroon Oldsmobile we found early Christmas presents sitting where we would soon be trapped. We unwrapped them in unison finding our parent's answer to hours of captivity and small-space confinement. A bribe to keep us quiet, yes; but as I recall it worked. For to each one of us was given a personal cassette tape player with headphones. We listened to Chistmas tape after Christmas tape. Over and over again. We had one tape in particular that I remember. It was A Country Christmas. Voices like Johnny Cash, the Oak Ridge Boys, and Dolly Parton twanging out all the traditional holiday wassails. To this day I cannot hear Tanya Tucker without thinking back to her version of Silver Bells.

Another bribe my sister and I gladly consumed for 1500 miles was a deep plastic tub of gummy worms. So indelibly seared into my brain is the sight, smell, and taste of that memory that gummy worms always take me to the backseat of that Olds, on a highway headed northeast, and A Country Christmas playing privately into each ear.

December 20, 2006

newsflash: this article is ridiculous in more ways than one

This article, posted by the Associate Press and MSNBC, just made me chuckle.

Aside from its obviously pointless and outlandish propogand-ish subject matter (which I won't even bother to dissect), the very first line is, at the very least, thought provokingly... ridiculous.

I'm no genius when it comes to numbers and especially fractions. So would somebody please correct me if this sentence has even a lick of of mathmatical logic? Please keep in mind, answers suggesting people in terms of fractions will not be accepted.

"NEW YORK - More than nine out of 10 Americans, men and women alike, have had premarital sex, according to a new study."


Rolls eyes.

Goes straight to blogger to blog about it.

Kids, read it but don't look to much into it. It's just your friendly AP at it again.

December 18, 2006


Have you ever had to tell someone you lied to them?

Late last week during an extremeley stressful day at work, my client asked me a simple question, and because I did not like the way the truth would make me look, I lied.

It was a ridiculous thing to do, such a small, seemingly non-threatening little white lie. The truth was not even so bad. I could have smoothed it over in the same breath if I had just had an ounce of integrity in the moment. But I lied.

I kept thinking it wasn't so bad. That I would forget about it, and God would forgive me, and it would all be ok. But I couldn't forget about. It plagued me. All weekend long. I had not felt that way in years. Even in guilt, I could not imagine actually fessing up to the person whose eyes I had looked into and blatantly lied to. I kept thinking, I don't really have to tell I? God will still forgive me, and I can move on from this, repent and never do it again without confessing...right?

Something kept telling me that I was now lying to myself. Some might call it my conscience, but I think I'm gonna call it the Holy Spirit.


Now I've got something different on my hands. If this is the Holy Spirit, telling me to make something right, telling me that this is part of true repentence, telling me NOT to take the easy way out for once, then I better listen and do.

I felt like a child this weekend, being disciplined by my Father. I had lied to someone that deserved the truth, and I was trying to walk away from it like it didn't matter. I was being told to go make it right. And I didn't want to. In fact, I was NOT going to do it. At least, that was the status last Thursday. For as many times as I tried to justify this decision, I was met with a reason why it could not be justified. So many questions came to mind because of this simple little dishonest act.
  • can I really be forgiven if I don't make this right with the other person?
  • how many times have I taken the "easy" road of repentence - just asking God for forgiveness and not the person I hurt as well? am I still guilty of those times (because I know they happened, it's just time has helped me forget...)
  • if I don't make this right this time, will I continue to harden my heart against "little" things until I no longer even realize when I've sinned?
  • if this is the Holy Spirit plaguing my conscience, am I sinning by not responding with a true confession? and is this the kind of sin against the Holy Spirit that the Bible says there is no grace for?

Last night, as I tossed and turned in bed, trying to find sleep, but only finding conviction, I decided I was going to make it right. My client would certainly not kill me over this, but my guilt might. My client would probably not even chew me out, but my conscience was eating me alive.

In the end, the person I had wronged was very gracious. More so than I deserved.

I can't help but hear the Spirit say to me now, "that's what grace is all about".

December 12, 2006

too much of a good thing

Please. No Smoothie King for Christmas.

I'm over it.

Dear Smoothie King,
You smother me with your protein-powered, chocolate turbinado, frozen smoothiness. Let's just take a our relationship. Don't worry. I'll think of you often (maybe a little too often at first.) I still think you're great. I will speak well of you to my friends. I would really appreciate it if we could be on good terms. Besides, I'm sure we'll reconnect one day. When we least expect it. When the present nausea wears off. We're just not on the same page right now. You say, 'chewing is over-rated'. I say, 'my teeth miss chewing'.

It's not you. It's me.

Well, it might be you a little bit. That's kind of the point, no?

Until we meet again,

December 09, 2006

now that's what I call yum-E.

The City Paper published an article this past week about the current E. Coli scare running nationwide through Taco Bells.

I'd like to quote a quote:

"A preliminary test of three samples of green onions found them to be "presumptive" positive for E. Coli O157:H7, the Irvine, California-based unit of Yum! Brands Inc. said in a statement Wednesday."

Yum! Brands Inc. ? ! Yum!?


I will refrain from taking a poll. Even though I'm just dying to state the obvious.

December 05, 2006

book withdrawal

Anybody got a book recommendation for me?? It's been a while since I was addicted to a good book (see post on My Sister's Keeper for an accurate dating of the last occurance).

I don't have a specific favorite genre. It just has to be addicting. The kind that you can't put down. The kind, when you do put it down because you have to do things like, umm, go to work, you can't stop thinking about it. The kind that begins to feel like the best friend you never had and you can't wait to pick it up again. The kind that calls your name while your at work, and you bring it to work with you just so you can be near it and maybe read it on your lunch break and then you find yourself reading it at your desk anyways because you swear you'll only read like the first sentence....or page...or chapter. And then the President makes a surprise visit from around the corner and you're OH NO! Busted. And before you know it you're recommending it to her and she's all like..."oooh, that sounds good..."

This has never happened to me before by the way.

Maybe just once.

Anybody got any of those??

Just leave a comment if you do.


My boss will thank you for it too, I'm sure.

December 03, 2006

next time you think YOUR job is in trouble...

Last night I was reading The Tennessean while waiting for my Crispani to bake at Panera.
There was an article about how the city of Juneau is afraid they're going to lose their 'capital' status. Due to the fact that Juneau is ranked the most geographically inaccessible capital of all the fifty states, especially during inclement weather (which, let's face it, when is Alaska NOT having inclement weather?) the new governor decided she was going to be inaugurated somewhere she could actually physically get to, as opposed to the traditional site of the state capital. Needless to say, this threw Juneau into a tizzy. "This is just the beginning," said the dissed capital. "Before you know it, we'll be out." **these are not exact quotes, by the way.
What is an exact quote, and the part that made me unexpectedly and audibly laugh to myself in a room full of strangers was said by a local Alaskan lawyer consulted in the matter, "Juneau is pretty neurotic."
Next time you think your job is in trouble, think about how Juneau must feel.
I'm mean really, stop being so selfish. None of us have these kinds of problems.

December 02, 2006

Boo is 2 and 1 Month!

Have you ever spent an hour typing a new post, and then blogger "loses" it before it publishes?

So yes, it's been a whole month to the day since I last posted. "Shout out" to all you kind folks who have been begging for my return :)

Here's a quick run down of some new and exciting developments, with a bonus feature of 6 weird things about me. Purely by request of course. Ellyn, my cousin, tagged me. I don't think I would just decide to post six weird things about myself out of no where. I'm not that bored. Or weird.

So in keeping with the 'list' theme, I will just list what I've been up to, and maybe a few random observations.

1. My church is planning a mission trip to Panama next summer. I am so there.
2. I will be taking Spanish at the Nashville School of Preaching next semester. It is free! Last time I was in Honduras I had a lot of fun learning bits of the language. I decided I would learn more if I ever went back to a spanish speaking country.
3. I didn't get into the photography class that I needed next semester, so I'm going to take an open lab for black and white darkroom. I'll get to print as much as I want of whatever I want. Rock on!
4. I'm going to be teaching a Korean woman English using the Friendspeak ESL program. It's like LST (Let's Start Talking) - we use scripture as the reading tool for learning a new language.
5. At work we've lost 3 people, have already replaced 2, and the 3rd will start on Monday. I try NOT to post about work for various reasons, but this has had a significant impact on my work load and has been a major reason why I have not had the time or energy to post lately. I thrive on change, so this has really been a blessing in disguise. And there is light at the end of this tunnel! Work is hard. Life is short. God is good.
6. Random observation 1: Edwin Warner Park is the Labrynth of Nashville. Every time I go there I get lost. I haven't found David Bowie yet, but the trolls have been very helpful.
7. Random observation 2: Saturday morning cartoons have changed since I was a child. Where are the smurfs? Now we have clowns singing 'dance to the beat of your heart'. What does that mean??

On to my weirdness.

1. I can put my tongue in my nose. This mesmerizes small children and is suspectedly the #1 reason why I am still single.
2. I like movies like Bring it On and She's the Man.
3. I, like Ellyn, talk to myself. Out loud. All the time. Conversationally. I hope that by next spring I will be having these talks in Spanish. I can ask myself a question, give myself advice, give myself options, weigh the pros and cons, make a decision, talk myself out of that decision, and then come up with a completely different solution. I don't charge as much as I should either.
4. I like tornados and inclement weather. This may be due to a lack of drama in my otherwise common and quiet life. Or maybe I'm just sick.
5. I just noticed that all of these start with 'I'. I'm pretty observant like that.
6. I'm a slave to the beat.
7. I can't do things in sixes.

I've never been tagged before, but I think now I'm supposed to tag someone else. Only problem is, the only people who read this have already been tagged, except my mother and she doesn't have a blog. So if you're reading this and you have a blog, and you haven't been tagged yet, then consider yourself tagged...'n stuff. I'm just dying to hear about 6 things that are weird about you. Really. I am.

Ok, well I'm off to Edwin Warner Park again. I WILL master this trail of tears yet. Does anyone have a GPS I can borrow??