October 24, 2006

no pressure over capuccino

This morning, my iPod played this song for me. My iPod has been playing this for me quite frequently. Weird considering it's on 'shuffle'. For some reason, my iPod likes this song. For some reason, I like this song. I have a special affinity for songs that reference Jesus and the Bible written by people who don't profess to be Christians (another great one is Dave Matthews' "A Christmas Song"). It's always interesting to see these figures from a secular point of view. I googled the lyrics this morning, because Alanis is Canadian :-p Some of the most important words were not what I previously thought they were. And now I like it even more. Disclaimer: I don't pretend to understand this song completely (especially the origin of the title), but I really like that it makes me think. Any intuitive comments about the meaning of this song will be rewarded with great awe. Side note: all the "90's" references, I think, are meant to convey "contemporary" - this song was written in the 90's.

No Pressure Over Capuccino
by Alanis Morissette

And you're like a 90's Jesus
And you revel in your psychosis
How dare you
And you sample concepts like hors d'euvres
And you eat their questions for dessert
Is it just me or is it hot in here?

And you're like a 90's kennedy
And you're really a million years old
You can't fool me
They'll throw opinions like rocks in riots
And they'll stumble around like hypocrites
Is it just me or is it dark in here?

Well you may never be or have a husband you may never have or hold a child
You will learn to lose everything; we are temporary arrangements.

And you're like a 90's Noah
And they laughed at you as you packed all of your things
And they wonder why you're frustrated
And they wonder why you're so angry
And is it just me or are you fed up?

And may God bless you in your travels in your conquests and queries.

October 18, 2006

as if the game itself wasn't entertaining enough...

It's articles like this that support my suspicion that the NFL is well on it's way to becoming the WWWF.

i lerve it.

Oh yah, and this one.
(don't lerve it so much)

me cook pretty some day

Monday night I was invited to a birthday party for Tuesday night. I was asked to bring some kind of homemade food. After a long deliberation, I decided I would bring Campbell's Butternut Squash soup (pre-made and just heat it up). After a longer deliberation I decided that would be cheating. So I googled some butternut squash recipes and found that Campbell's had a fairly simple looking recipe on their website. By the way, when I told the host what I was bringing, she said, "oh so totally righteous!" Man, I better not let HER down! So Tuesday morning I called my sister and asked her if I could use her kitchen (cuz she has more & better cooking utensils than I), and her help (cuz she is a way more experienced cook than I). I went to Kroger on my lunch hour to gather the ingredients and read over the recipe a few times to make sure I understood.
I got to my sister's house at about 5:15 - 1 hour and 15 minutes until party time. Luckily, the party house was just right around the corner from my sister's house, so I knew I could spend the bulk of my available time cooking. After all, the recipe said Prep Time: 20 minutes (first lie), Cook Time: 25 minutes (second lie).
Without posting in-toto the entire debaucle, I will instead bullet-point a few of the highlights:
  • Who knew squash was so hard to peel and cube? David ended up doing the bulk of this for me. I am okay in admitting that dealing with squash should be a man's work. He also chopped the onion and cored the apples (yes - apples).
  • I cut my finger attempting to peel and cube the squash. That was about the time David interceded.
  • I burnt my sister's arm
  • I burnt myself
  • I broke my sister's blender (a wedding gift no less)
  • I interrupted the kids' evening as I commandeered the kitchen and left no room for their dinner to be made. Boo-bear was wandering around aimlessly muttering muk, muk, muk...No doubt daized and overcome by great hunger.
  • My sister's kitchen walls and counters now have a fresh coat of butternut-squash-soup-mixture splatter (hope you like that dull orange color)
  • I didn't have enough time to clean up the kitchen - had to jet to the party!!
  • Got to the party on time before the birthday girl so as not to ruin the suprise
  • Everyone LOVED the soup. I thought it was too sweet.
  • I learned I should have brought the pre-made version.
  • I learned I have the best sister & brother-in-law in the WORLD. (sorry again about that whole mess)

I guess it's the beautiful learning moments like these that make us better people (or cooks) later on in life.

Get that "oh-so-totally-righteous" recipe here!

October 16, 2006

1290 of my favorite songs & counting

I have joined the ranks of ipod owners. I pod, you pod, we all pod. For Ipod. That doesn't even make sense.
It was fate really that brought us together. My ipod and I (myPod).
I had been thinking about getting one for several weeks. Finally one day, I went over to my sister's house with plans to prod my ipod-owning brother-in-law for ipod information while I was there. What's available to a consumer girl like me? How much should I spend? What should I expect it to do? Can I get one that does this, this, and that? Do I have to feed it?
All he needed to say was this, "do you want to buy mine? I just put it up on ebay, but I can take it down and give you the sister-in-law price". What's the sister-in-law price, and duh, YES.
I hear that $75.80 is a righteous deal on one of these things. Not to mention that he threw in the car transmittor thingy, about 200 songs I LOVE, and bonus iTunes training. Sweet.
Have I ever mentioned it's good to have family?
And an ipod.

myPod played this for me today and I hope that upon mention of it you will go and download it and make it part of your must-have collection. It's You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. I hadn't heard it in about 10 years, and I was pleased, even proud, that I remembered over half the words.
There it is - my recommended song of the day. Listen and be blessed.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

October 14, 2006

take that Snappy Auctions!

Dear Snappy Auctions in Brentwood,

Hey, how are you? What? Business not doing so good lately? That's weird...I wonder why? It's not like you just take any item off the street or just any ol' thing that every weirdo brings in for you to post on Ebay. No....you are picky. You have an elite sense of sales. I really thought you'd go far.
By the way, that laptop I brought to you to sell......the one you kept for two weeks and never attempted to post......the one you said no one would buy......I just wanted to thank you for not taking the time to help me. Because now I get to keep all $164.30 that it went for yesterday on Ebay.
Hey, it may not be A LOT, a but that's $164 bucks I didn't have 12 hours ago, as well as a percentage of sales you'll never see.
Oh well. That's the breaks I guess.
Good luck with all the turnin' away of weirdos and their worthless junk. Hang in there...it's going to have a big pay-off one of these days.
For them.

One Weirdo You'll Never See Again,

October 12, 2006

five years later (part deux)

It's my anniversary.
With Nashville.
Five years ago today I set out from Tampa FL in my Honda Civic crammed full of my most prized posessions, my mom riding shotgun, and a star in my eye (I can't believe I just typed that). We headed north to the deep south. Destination = new life.
We arrived late the next night. We were greeted by my 1 1/2 year old niece, my sister three years my senior (even still to this day! some things never change...), her husband - the brother I never had, and a home-made poster that said "Welcome to Nashville". I still have that poster.
They lived in a tiny 2 bedroom condo in Green Hills. I lived in the attic. For 4 months. It's good to have family.
I really love this city. I hope it loves me.

Dear Nashville,
Thanks for being my home over the last 5 years. Maybe you'll let me stay a little while longer? We've had our ups and downs. Remember when I first got here and I knocked on your door and you were all like, "who's there?", and I was all like, "hey, my name is Emily...can I live here?", and you were all like, "I don't know you", and I was all like, "just give me a chance!". Remember how you refused to employ me for like 4 months so I would get fed up and leave? Hahaha, that was funny! I mean, at the time it was NOT. But I am so happy we can look back on that now and laugh. Aren't you? But then you FINALLY gave me a job and I was so happy and I went right out that weekend and leased an apartment. And then 6 weeks later my job was gone. Hahaha, you were such a kidder back then! I'm glad you had a better job waiting right around the corner for me. I didn't even miss a paycheck! ...such a prankster.
Remember when I told you how much I loved snow, and then the very next winter you dumped so much on us that I was stuck on the interstate for 6 hours? Now every time I hear John Mayer's Room for Squares I think of that day. Only because I listened to it about 7 1/2 times while I was stuck on a closed I-40.
Remember when we saw ZZ Top eating tacos at SATCO?
Remember when we saw Faith Hill eating waffle fries at Chic-fil-A?
Nashville, whenever times get tough, think of those better days. We'll get through it together.
I hope that now that I've been here for 5 years I have paid my dues and you will stop trying to get me to leave.
Your Loving & Faithful Resident,

I totally stole this

October 07, 2006

i'm so money

After months and month of teaching, prodding, and repeating my name to my little nephew, he finally caught on a month or so ago. He calls me 'Money'. It's as close as he could come to the traditional phonetic pronunciation of my name 'eh-muh-lee'. I think it's cute. As far as I'm concerned he can call me Money for the rest of my life. Sometimes it sounds like Many, and lately he's been going back and forth between Many and Emy. Whichever.

Nephew: Money?
Aunt: Yes, boo-bear?
Nephew: {toddler-ese babble mixed with giggles}
Aunt: Yes.

Aunt: what are you drinking there, boo-bear?
Nephew: chicken.

Nephew: Money...?
Aunt: yes boo-bear?
Nephew: {toddler-ese babble} cow poo-pa!
Aunt: yes buddy, we saw the horse eating the popsicle in the movie.
Nephew: heheheHA!

Aunt: hey boo-bear, deal or no deal?
Nephew: NO DEAL!

Kids are fun.
Except when they bite.

October 05, 2006

hot diggity

Just so you know, I will probably be eating at least one, if not two hotdogs for lunch at least once a week for the next couple of months.

We'll start at the beginning. I'm taking this photography class right now - B/W I at Nashville State community college. By far, the most challanging part of the darkroom (at least for me) is getting the leader of the film onto the developing reel in total darkness. Then, assuming I pass challange One, it takes another 20-30 minutes to develop, wash, and dry said roll of film. Considering we are shooting at minimum one roll per week, developing all rolls, printing contacts, and then ultimately coming out with perfectly contrasted & beautifully printed photographs. Nutshell: This is a lot of work.

So last week, while our teacher is demonstrating how to be an artful dodger & burner, I am secretly entertaining the relieving thought of quitting this class. I missed one class earlier this semester and that alone has set me behind. I am overwhelmed. How will I ever have time to develop film every week, print the contact sheet, choose print-worthy negatives and print art-worthy prints?? It is at that moment that Caroline shines a beaming ray of hope in my direction.

"Class, from now on, since you have probably mastered processing your own film (um, chemically speaking, yes, but I still can't get that ever-loving leader on the reel in total darkness!!), I will allow you to take your rolls to Chromatics for processing so you can focus your time on printing. After all, developing film is a science. Printing photographs is art." Isnt' she wonderful folks? Check out her stuff when you have a minute to devote to the arts.

Having said all of that, every week I will be paying a visit and $7.10 to Chromatics to get that stinking leader on the reel in total darkness for me! The processed negatives I will consider a free bonus.

This is for you Nashville locals, and also the point of this post: Chromatics is located on the corner of Fogg & Ewing. Just around the corner, about two blocks into town on Ewing is Hot Diggity Dogs. It is so good. For the love, please get one of these dogs. If you are from Chicago, you may want to try their Chicago Dog. I havn't tried it yet since I am from Nashville and wanted to try the Nashville Dog. I went two days in a row and have consumed a total of 3 Nashville Dogs and a bag of fries. The fries get 5 grease stains. That is like getting 5 stars if you are a nice hotel.

Maybe next week I'll try the Chicago Dog.

Suffice it to say, I am also not quitting my class.

October 03, 2006

Hike for the Homeless

Attention all philanthropists. This may be late notice, but in case you are free this weekend and happen to be looking for something you can do to support your community and is also fun for the whole family (was that too much?), then come on out to Edwin Warner Park on Saturday 10/7 to hike for the homeless.

This event is sponsored by and for Nashville's Safe Haven Family Shelter - the only homeless shelter in Nashville that keeps entire families together as a unit while they provide them with the tools they need to return to self-sufficiency. Their mission is to empower homeless families with children to live independently through spiritual, financial and social guidance. Children of these families get to stay in school while their parents get the aid, training, and resources they need to find jobs and affordable housing. Safe Haven family shelter has a family turnaround rate of 30-45 days! This is key because not only is this rate in the best interest of each family (to not become dependent on the shelter, but to return to society as fully functioning and contributing members), but also increases the shelter's ability to house and help more families.

Click on the title of this post to find out more about Safe Haven Family Shelter and/or to pre-register for Saturday's hike.

  • Registration 9am
  • Hike 10am
  • Pre-registrants pay $15 (groups of 10 pre-registered pay $12/each)
  • Day of hike, $20
  • Children under 12 hike free!
  • Breakfast & lunch included!
  • Games and fall fun fest activities are about $1 extra each

Hope to see you there!

October 02, 2006

kamikaze workout

Q: What does a girl do when she blows her weekend on junk food and no exercise?
A: Monday night kamikaze workout

On kamikaze Monday, Emily gets no coffee. Boooo.

I get to the gym at 5:30 pm. 17 minute warm up on the treadmill (2 minutes running flat at 6.3, minutes 3-8 running up steadily increasing incline, minutes 8-10 running flat at steadily decreasing pace. Minutes 11-17 walking at steadily decreasing pace. Stretch. Yawn.

10 minutes on free weights. 10 minutes jumping rope. Make that about 9 1/2 minutes jumping rope, 30 seconds total combined effort to untangle myself from tripping over rope. Stop, start, stop, start, stop, start, I am a terrible jump roper. 10 minutes abs.

60 minutes kickboxing.

Now this may not seem like much of a suicide mission to some of you out there. But I rarely multi-task at the gym. Overall I would say the experience was a good one. Something I may repeat in the future. Bottom line: I just don't have time to work out this much on a regular basis. I like to eat dinner before 8pm. I like to spend time at home relaxing. I like going to bed at night not wondering if I will wake up the next morning with a workout-induced migraine. I like my couch.

Dinner was the crowing affair: the Protein Power Plate at Zoe's Kitchen. Go there. Get the protein power plate (marinated, slightly blackened, but actually grilled chicken on a bed of greek slaw + 3 pita triangles). Or the get chicken rollups. Or the greek salad. Do not get the grilled cheese sandwich. I may not know you, but I can assure you that you can make a better grilled cheese sandwich at home. They really missed their opportunity to send out a truly amazing sandwich. This one is only for kids, and is way overpriced. Be quiet Food Critic! Get off my blog.

I'm goin' to bed.