August 09, 2008

St. Louis in the palm of our hands...

not that big...
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Highlights from our trip to St. Louis:

Nancy Magellan - our personal GPS navigational instructor.
Driving into St. Louis for the first time and seeing the Arch in the distance
The Gateway Arch, baby!!
Riding the pod to the top of the arch
Lacledes Landing
Our waitress at Pujols 5 who refers all her customers to Ozzie's for darts, even though the restaurant she works at also has darts.
Ted Drewes frozen custard
Lemp Mansion (not really haunted, but the wait staff might be a little posessed)
The Hill! (Cunetto House of Pasta & Ragazzi's)
Page Boulevard... what?
Driving all over St. Louis
Driving the entire distance of the state of MO from St. Louis to KC
Seeing 40 states on license plates along the way (including Hawaii & Alaska)
Watching the Red Sox embarass the hometeam Royals. Booyah!
Gates BBQ
Not knowing how to order anything at Gates BBQ
Union Station
Mud Pie at the Landing...was that chocolate ice cream?
Looking for 52 states

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At 6:14 PM, Blogger eea49 said...

Holly and I are planning a St. Louis getaway for Tgiving. Thanks for the post on cool places.


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