June 19, 2006

the smells of summer

Traditionally speaking (in my own personal opinion of course) I smell summer when I get a whiff of freshly cut grass. Today I'd like to induct a few more favorite smells that for me will always = summer.
1. Honeysuckle. One thing many people probably do not know about me (because I do not tell many people) is that as a child I had a habit of eating flowers. I cannot explain why I did this, only that I remember seeing a beautiful and rather large white flower growing in our backyard in Texas, and I got hungry. I plucked a petal off, put it in my mouth, and chewed. It was good. And then I ate the rest of it. Afterwards, I remember feeling distinctly immoral about the whole affair, and decided I should not do it again. But do it again I did. My best friend lived about 4 houses down from me and I would often walk down there in the summer time and we would play in the ally or in one of our backyards, or one of our rooms. On one particular day I remember being at her house and knowing that my mother did not know I was there. This was highly unusual because I was an exceptionally well-trained child. :-) Anyways, I must have caught a rare wind of rebellion and I found myself in my best friend's backyard, both of us sampling the wild honeysuckles growing in her backyard. Now, Bath & Body Works makes Honeysuckle body splash & lotion. It is one of my favorite scents from their store. It should be noted that I am a recovered flower-eater, and no flowers have been harmed by mastication since the honeysuckle incident.
2. Coconut Lime Verbena. Another new favorite from Bath & Body Works. I am wearing it right now and everytime I get a whiff of myself, I feel like I should be lounging by the pool sipping a strawberry limeade from a hollow coconut.
3. Barbecue. My all-time favorite food. My favorite thing about summer are the cook-outs, and the barbecue that is consumed there at. Enough said.


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