August 16, 2006

Hey Bloggers! Did you know....

I have one of those "page a day" calandars - you know the ones that you sit on your desk and tear off a page every day. Mine is the Miriam Webster's 365 New Words Calandar. On Saturday, August 12 (I am behind on tearing off my pages this week).

\blog\ n : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

Chris uses her blog to write about being a single mother and invites readers to share their experiences.

The history of "blog" is as old as the seas. Since the days of three-masted merchant ships, captains have been recording voyage details in logs. In more recent times people began exploring the vast seas of the Internet, and the term "Web log" was born. At first a Web log was a file that recorded requests made to a Web server, but the term soon sailed off in a new direction. People started writing online journals and dubbed them "Web logs", though technically they weren't logs so much as "disorganised record[s] of the voyages of an intelligent mind" (as Andrew Brown of the New Statesman put it). You can probably guess the rest of the story: "Web log" became "Weblog" and was then shortened to "blog".

It's all true.


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