December 03, 2006

next time you think YOUR job is in trouble...

Last night I was reading The Tennessean while waiting for my Crispani to bake at Panera.
There was an article about how the city of Juneau is afraid they're going to lose their 'capital' status. Due to the fact that Juneau is ranked the most geographically inaccessible capital of all the fifty states, especially during inclement weather (which, let's face it, when is Alaska NOT having inclement weather?) the new governor decided she was going to be inaugurated somewhere she could actually physically get to, as opposed to the traditional site of the state capital. Needless to say, this threw Juneau into a tizzy. "This is just the beginning," said the dissed capital. "Before you know it, we'll be out." **these are not exact quotes, by the way.
What is an exact quote, and the part that made me unexpectedly and audibly laugh to myself in a room full of strangers was said by a local Alaskan lawyer consulted in the matter, "Juneau is pretty neurotic."
Next time you think your job is in trouble, think about how Juneau must feel.
I'm mean really, stop being so selfish. None of us have these kinds of problems.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

even non christians can get obnoxiously wrapped up in the "slippery slope" concept!

gotta love it!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger John H said...

hey..if i lived in a city, or a part of the world, where the darkness in winter lasts 16-18 hours a day, I'd be in a rubber room drooling over a box of animal crackers. I don't 'do' the short days part of the year well....Neuroticism would look health compared to the depression!


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