May 14, 2007

all wired up

I took my laptop to Panera yesterday afternoon to do some writing since they have free wifi and awesome food. As I was putting it and the AC adaptor in my carrying case I decided I should grab my iPod and headphones, and spent about a minute and a half untangling my earbuds. My cell phone was also in desparate need of charging, so I brought my charger as well. I wanted to bring my camera and transfer all my current pics to my laptop, but honestly did not feel like lugging it out the house also, not to mention, another plug-in cord. I got to looking at all my gadgets....all of these wireless gadgets of this wireless age. And what did I see?

A bunch of wires.

BTW, happy 100th post to me :)


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous john h said...

Congratulations on your 100th posting. Many of them been actually worth reading..

Your photos ain't bad either...

your fan - huTch

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous john h said...

The above smart-assery should have said..'many of them HAVE been worth reading'.

Sorry, being a full-time wise-ass is tiring.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Ramona said...

A Panera is being built w/in walking distance to my house, I'm so excited. Happy Tuesday!, Ramona


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