September 04, 2006

all is quiet on my eastern coast this morning, so I got to thinking about a song

you know the things that I am a afraid of
I'm not afraid to tell.
And if we if ever leave a legacy
it's that we loved each other well.

- Indigo Girls, Power of Two

I've always loved that line from this song. I love the whole song, but that line always sounded like it was being sung louder than the rest of the song. I never got to thinking much about legacies before my two grandmothers died this year on the same day in March. Many people expressed their sympathies, and each & every time someone did, the best and only thing I could tell them was "it's really a good thing". A lot of people didn't understand that, but then they didn't know my grandmothers. Different in every personality trait, they held two virtues in common. They did not hold fast to this world as their treasure, but always hoped for the better life to come. And they loved their families indescribably. Now I understand this legacy. I suppose too, that as I grow older and move into new phases of life, I will understand it more. Hopefully I will leave one of my own. But I'm still working on that.


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