September 05, 2006

we drove seven to stay eight

and it was worth it.
On Sunday, Debbie and I drove from Columbia MD to New York, NY. Google said it would only take 3 1/2 hours. Google failed to mention the burning SUV on 95 that increased our drive time by 35 minutes, or the 6 toll booths = roughly 28 dollars in cash = all that I happen to have on me, that we would encounter along the way. I exclaimed, "who knew?!", to which Debbie turned and said with only her expression, "I did." Oh well, we got there in 4 hours.
We picked up a homeless man under the bridge after the Lincoln Tunnel. No. We picked up Grant. But yes he was hanging out under the bridge. He would have been right outside the tunnel had a cop not approached him to "move along sir."
We had dinner at Bone Lick BBQ on Greenwich. It was gerd (exremley good). You must pay the extra dollar to have mac/cheese as your side. You will not be disappointed. You will not want or need your dollar back. You might even feel compelled to give them another dollar for good measure.
We went to Brooklyn to see how Grant is living these days. He has wall-art. I wish there had been a chair somewhere so I could sit and look for days. It's almost like Where's Waldo, except it's more like Where's Poland because he is creating a map of the world using picture clippings from Nat'l Geographic and other global sources. I admire this. On another wall, it is like Where's Waldo, except it is more like Where's J. Lo. You will have to ask him what the meaning of his celebrity wall is. I am not so inclined to go into detail.
We took a car tour of Manhattan. I think we hit all the major villages and noted neighborhoods.
We had ice cream in Park Slope. We saw as many dogs on leashes as people I think (no the people were not on leashes. New York is not that weird). We saw one dog on a pink leash, carrying his own leash coiled up neatly in his mouth. He was walking with purpose to a predetermined destination. That is the mark of a local I've heard. This dog was no tourist.
We left NY exactly 12 hours after we had set out to go there. We made time like a banshee as there was no burning SUV to reckon with on the way home. 2 hours and 50 minutes later New York was a past-tense "good trip".
I heart New York.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger Tanya said...

It's me again :) Cute post! It made me giggle. I'm jealous, I SO want to go to New York City!! Maybe soon!? We know Grant, too - from "Hokie land." Glad you had a nice visit.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

I KNOW I did not just read that you were as close as Columbia MD and did not stop by to see your ever loving cousin!!! As for going to see Grant in NYC.....I hope you had a great time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC!!! We are going for thanksgiving, Macy's day parade and all!!!! can't wait!!!

Tip for next time--60th and 3rd AMAZING candy store owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter.

Somewhere near SOHO is an AMAZING hole in the wall italian place...seriously....the mafia eat there...we saw them!

Last but not least--Canal street baby!!! Got me a Burberry purse (yes it's real, i gots connections)!


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