April 16, 2007

It scares me sometimes how quickly time goes by. I guess hitting 30 will do that to you. I can only imagine how it's gonna hit at 40...at 70...

"The week ends the week begins" (Dave Matthews)

Sometimes in my mind I put the day in fast-forward and I can see myself lying in bed, already reflecting on things that haven't happened yet . On Sunday nights I tend to look ahead to the week that lies before me and I can see a fairly accurate image. I will go to work. I will go to church. I will excersize at the Y. I will eat, I will sleep. I will do certain things each evening depending on the day of the week. I will see the same people, do the same job, drive the same roads, and do the same things I've done every week for who knows how long. This is the unchanging framework of routine which surrounds me. But I am a blur of motion.

The only things I can't foresee are those little surprises that seem to make the dull constancies worth it. Like getting an email from a long-lost friend. Or watching a community come together post-disaster to take care of their own. Planning a road trip with friends...seeing a really great concert... reaching those rare moments of success. It's those little surprises that become the defining moments of each week, and it's the defining moments of each week that become the mile-markers of a life. They are the landmarks that keep every stretch of road from looking like the last. They are the points of interest that prove there was growth along the way. And even though each day may have looked more or less the same, over time threads of change were braiding their way through the monotany.

Bottom-line: I guess it's not really the pace of the current that scares me. It's forgetting to appreciate it while it lasts.

Enjoy your day. Each one that you get.


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At 9:47 PM, Blogger hwy said...

Well said, and so apt.


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