January 05, 2007

my philosophy has a name, and it ain't pretty

Ok, so about 2 days ago I told John H I would try to post everyday this month. I've already missed 2 days in a row. But technically speaking, I did, in fact, TRY...which was the essence of my statement anyways. I know I know, technicalities have no place in a promise forfeited. But then again a technicality is...well, a technicality.

Moving on.

The reason I do not post everyday is because I do not always have something post-worthy to say. This has been my philosophy since the inception of my blog. One great lesson learned in photography is the art of editing yourself. You do not have to show every photograph you've ever shot. Nor does anyone want to flip through ages of snapshots just so you can rest assured that your comprehensive life-portfolio has been viewed. Show what is worthy, representative, and relevant, and your work (and audience) will thank you for it.

For instance, edit your thoughts. No one wants to hear you say everything that is on your mind. I have trouble with this one, by the way. "But it was funny in my head!" is not a sufficient excuse to a room full of blank stares.

Also, edit your blog. No one is going to read a 1,500 word essay with no paragraph breaks on why you think a 10th check out lane at Wal-Mart is going to get you home in time to see The Real World.

Thanks to John H, my guardian blog-angel, I now know the word I've been searching for. It's bloggorrhea. Nice, huh.

If you happen to suffer from this, take two time-outs away from your computer, and blog about it in the morning.


At 12:15 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Just tell me direct if you think I have a problem, Emily. :)

Seriously, though, the only reason John pesters you to write more is because you're so funny when you do. But I know it wouldn't be as great if you wrote every day about whatever came to mind because you just wanted to post something. I've done that before & it usually falls flat.

But know that we all enjoy it & celebrate & throw a party when you do write your annual post.

Hope you're having a good January so far!

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Emily said...

ANNUAL blog?! somehow I've gone from 'once a month' to annual. Oh, how you kids do jest.

lisa - i do not think you have this problem. eau contraire. i do think the problem exists, however, or there would not be a word for it.

p.s. thanks for liking my blog 'n stuff.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Chick said...

I found you from 25 faces...(nice face,,,by the way).

I'm a big fan of editing...I think I actually censor myself too much in real life...but I'm working on that.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger John H said...

uh..ok...not every day is ok..I just don't wanna come blogrollin' over here for weeks and seeing the same stup..whoops i mean, awe-inspiring post that has left the awe up on the bedpost until the flavor has worn out or something like that.

You are good. You are funny. Repeat three times. Rinse, lather, repeat.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Battlerocker said...

Another 25 Peeps visitor. Nice blog.


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