February 26, 2007


Does any remember those old perfume commercials (can't remember the brand, so it must have been a worthy marketing investment) that said, "If you like Giorgio...you'll LOVE Some ridiculously cheap dime store knock-off!" (or whatever the name of said knock-off was. Probably something cheezy like Lavendar Bayspray or what not.) Anyways, this is my incredibly prestigous introduction to my newest Bloggroller, drumroll....

If you like For The Love by Emily, then you LOVE For Lack of a Better Word by Holly Wynne!
Holly is the kind of writer I aspire to be. I can't even believe I am promoting her site since I am sure I will lose most of you once you start reading her blog. She posts more often than I do, and she's just plain better at it. I am, as you will soon discover, the poor blogger's version of Holly.

She's also a little bit cooler than I am in many ways. She has been a self-proclaimed post-modern hippie for the last 13 years, which undeniably led to her (a) better taste in music, and (b) flare for all things comfortable. She also has cool initials, which you may feel free to refer to her by: hwy. Her life is a hwy. Wait, I hear a Tom Cochrane song playing. She will also tell you she dreams a hwy. In this dream, she hears a Gillian Welch song playing.

So click on over to her brand new page to get your uber-fab blog-fix, and don't cry or whine if this is the only post you hear from me all week. I'm a busy girl. Good grief. Don't you people have jobs to go to?


At 8:06 AM, Blogger hwy said...

Hush...HUSH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME???! Number one, there is no way to live up to that. Number two, every time I visit your blog, I think "yeesh, but Emily's cooler than me--wish I could write like her."

Sorry, folks--she's setting you up for disappointment. You are, however, welcome to my blog anytime...you just may wish you'd stuck with the original :).

All the same, thanks for the shout-out, Emily. I love you!


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