February 28, 2007

what I mean when I say, "it's been one of those days..."

First off, I would like to make known that I disapprove of "people" being referred to as "accessories", as stated in a sentence on this morning's traffic report: Tickets are being issued to drivers in the HOV lane without their accessory person.

for the love.

Warning! Red light indicators flashing on your car's dashboard actually DO require immediate attention. Slow down, pull over, call for help. If you don't, your car WILL break down. If not immediately, eventually. And at the worst possible moment.

Special thanks to the following for making this day bareable: Buddy at Bailey's Wrecker Service, for being precisely on time. I hear that never happens. He was also a very pleasant conversationalist. Also to Al at Crest Honda for the friendly taxi service from Crest to my office. He even stopped at Maggie's Cafe in Brentwood for me so I could get some lunch! Now THAT'S service. One to Bud - my Crest Honda serviceman. Friendly, reliable, and efficient. And one more to the City of Gallatin for making the Conference Drive exit off Vietnam Vets such a convenient place to pull over. Hats off to those precious tax payers.

I've never had a more pleasant break-down experience. Thanks guys!

This has been a public service announcement of fortheluv dot blogspot dot com

I cannot end this post without sending out a congratulations to Irnel: MetroCenter Taco Bell's "champion of the week". Ya'll go on out there and patron this young man (?) for the exceptional work he is doing. I'm sure it'll be one of the best tacos you'll ever eat.

This just in: it has come to my attention that with the retirement of president Milton Sewell of Freed-Hardeman University, a change to the student handbook has been implemented. Students are now allowed to wear shorts to class.
Those liberals.
They can also wear distressed jeans, but only those without holes.
Nope, still conservative.
It is uncomfirmed if this change is directly related to the resignation of Pres. Sewell.
Conspiracy? You decide.


At 7:54 PM, Blogger Mike Jones said...

Are you serious about those changes or just making it up. It sometimes hard to tell.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Kids For Christ said...

Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Did they really change the handbook, or is this just a very funny joke of yours?

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Kids For Christ said...

Um, this comment is from Lisa. I can't figure out how to use my other blog. Sorry. This is actually Nathan's blog. (If only you'd allow anonymous comments, then I could sign in with my real blog--the WordPress one.)

At 7:00 AM, Blogger John H said...

Emily....are you drinking vanilla extract while blogging? just wondering.

I wouldn't blame ya, btw, considering.

When you kinda get the cobwebs out after the fun day of the year, you might want to consider moving your superior blog to Wordpress...it'll make your life better!

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Emily said...

John, sometimes I do not understand your words. You exist on a higher plain I think.
Not ready to make the jump to wordpress though. You'll be the first to know!

Hey Lisa c/o KFC! The tidbit about FHU may or may not be true. I heard it from a coworker who went to Freed who heard it from her younger sister who went to Freed. It is...we'll say, third hand knowledge. It's like that song...'heard it from a friend (coworker) who heard it from a friend (sister) who heard it from another you been messin' around (they been wearin' their shorts...) Cool - it's like Makin' Music! sorry.

Mike, all comments in this post are reported as true. Except for the last one which is unconfirmed, but possibly true.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Malia said...

I'm glad everything worked out well for you during your "breakdown"!! I used to take my Honda (man, that was a loooonnnggg time ago) out to Trickett in Rivergate (where we purchased it) for oil changes and stuff and they would drive me back to work in their nifty van. They were always very nice but they never stoppped so I could get a meal or even a coffee for that matter!

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Brian Nicklaus said...

glad you day wasn't worse.
could you check my link again?


"Gallagher and Nicklaus for an even dearer FHU!"

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