August 02, 2007

getting back into the swing

I just now finally finished catching up on almost 2 weeks of missed blog-reading. Sheesh - you guys write, like, ALL THE TIME! I'll admit, I didn't read every word of every post piling up in my feed-reader. With the small exception of a few favs.

Being away for a week has really been harder to recover from this time than ever before. I guess maybe it has something to do with the other major thing going on in my life right now. (that would be "buying a house" for those not paying attention recently). Anyone who ever tells you that buying a house is fun and not stressful and a very enjoyable venture, lies.

I look forward to tomorrow for the following reasons:
  • I will feel refreshed and ready to kick all tail at work and life in general tomorrow because I am going to bed in T minus 21 minutes. (9pm)
  • I am getting back to the gym for the first time in about 2 weeks. What's on the sweat-menu? Kickboxing, of course. Pray for me.
  • My first week back at work will officially be accomplished and I can bask in the glory of a successful vacation taken, returned, and conquered.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum will finally be mine in which to revel.
Stay tuned for a series of photo essays, and or stories from my trip. Coming this weekend!



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