August 21, 2007

what dreams may come

I had an unusual and unexplained attack of the bowels last night.

Let me start a little further back.

Last weekend I spent a material amount of money on bedroom furniture for my new house. It was fun, but the excitement wained as I was informed I will not see said bought furniture until mid-November. Bleh.

I am currently engrossed in the final installment of Harry Potter. As of lights-out last night, I had read through chapter 10.

2am comes. Attack proceeds. The only part I can explain (as I outlined above) is that the attack manifested itself in a dream wherein the Dark Lord was uploading furniture through my colon. (because he really is that evil).

I regret this comes in the form of TMI. However, obviously I don't care since I'm sharing it on my blog.

Punch line: funny how, even through the searing pain that woke me from my gentle slumber, my initial reaction was, "at least my furniture came earlier than scheduled..."


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Mike J. said...

All I can say is WOW. Really I mean it WOW.


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