March 21, 2007

and instead of the fries, can I get a side of your shameless self-promotion?

My coworker Anna and I had lunch at Chili's today. Little did we know we would be served by a local rock star.

We had no sooner sat down and ordered our diet cokes with and without lemon from our waiter Joel, than were we approached by another server who was positive we were both Irish and wanted to know where were were from. Joel comes back with our drinks, shoots 'other server guy' a dirty look and says jokingly, "stop talking to my table."
'Other server guy' runs in the other direction and we all share a short laugh and knowing smile.

Throughout our lunch, 'other server guy' continues to make odd appearances, crouching down at eye level, making inconspicuous Irish conversation, as not to draw attention from Joel. Joel, however, is not so easily deceived, and always seems to round the corner to our rescue at all the right times, sending 'other server guy' in the 'other direction' each time.

By the time we were finishing up, 'other server guy' makes one last attempt to redeem himself. What he says next was surprising, "hey, you two should ask Joel about his show tomorrow night. He's in a band and they're playing at the Rutledge." Ohhh, we get it. "And, if you happen to think of it, will you tell him I'm not as creepy as he probably thinks I am." No problem creepy guy. Exit Creepy Guy.

Enter Joel with our checks. "Hey Joel, are you in a band?"
'Uh, wow - how did you know?'
'We have musician radar.'
'Are you playing tomorrow night?'
'Uh, yah...'
'At the Rutledge on 4th?'
'You're weirding me out.'

He totally knows, by the way that Creepy Guy clued us in. He is laughing and is all fake-embarrassed-like. Then he really starts to make the sale.

'Well you guys should come out. It's going to be totally awesome! Creepy Guy will be there...'
'Right, well, we can't then'
'Hey I never asked if you wanted dessert.'
'We were just saying how full were are...but there's always room for free dessert...'
' about if you come to the show I'll bring chocolate cake.'
'Really? Well, that IS something worth considering."

Very long story short, Anna and I took an unexpectedly long lunch wherein we were detained by our server, Joel Larabell of Brenn, negotiated free dessert at our next trip to Chili's, and scored VIP status at tomorrow night's show.

So anyone else who would like to come on out to the Rutledge tomorrow night @ 8pm and support a few good bands I've never heard of is more than welcome.

Get in line with me & Anna - we're with the band.
(well us and every other girl that was in Chili's this week...)


At 9:14 PM, Blogger John H said...

my..those are serious influences that band declares..your guy is the best looker in the bunch, based on the website (not that I'm judging or anything akin to that).

Isn't the Rutledge down in So-Bro somewhere? Are you really going?

Full service, with a smile and a PASS.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Emily said...

i'd like to state for the record, he is not my guy. he was my server.
i don't know what so-bro means. It's on 4th right off of broadway somewhere.
you're sounding pretty judgmental tonight for a guy who is guilty of nepotism.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger hwy said...

That's my girl! Actually, for me it's always the reverse scenario--I'm the server girl who gets the flirty musician's invitation while making his mocha and chatting it up at the espresso bar. It's led to some good shows, though, so have fun!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger John H said... was the show down in SoBro (south of Broadway to you out of the 440 loop kids)

At 6:03 AM, Blogger Emily said...

we didn't go. sometimes basketball is just more important.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger hwy said...

That's sad. I really like the Rutledge. Rhi and Shawna and I went a while back and had a great time.

And I knew what SoBro was.

At 5:30 PM, Blogger John H said...

i will say that VanderBilt basketball is always more important.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Emily said...

nice showing from Vandy, by the way! considering our friendly media coined them as undeserving to play on the same court as Georgetown...
despite the loss, I'm really proud of them!


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