March 17, 2007

nice bracket...

Well first round came and went and I did pretty well, considering my methods. Out of 32 games I only mis-prophesied 10. I have four Sweet Sixteen picks out (all from the West and Midwest), and one out from the Final Four.

My highlights:

Duke was a HUGE upset (for some, not me). Either way I win. Personally, I'd rather see a friend make good on a bet than have Duke go to the second round like I'd put on my bracket. So I'm ok there. Whether or not this friend is OK remains to be seen.

Virginia Tech was a HUGE surprise. Worst. Game. Of-the. First. Round. I had picked them to go to Round 2, but the way they were passing playing all night, it wasn't looking good. Who knew they could pull it out in the last few seconds of the game? Certainly not I. But it was only out of pure FEAR during the last 9 minutes of the game. Adrenaline can make some crazy things happen. My question to the Hokies is, "Do you guys KNOW you don't belong in this tournament? Because you're certainly playing like you do." All I know is if I was on Illinois' team, I would seriously be reconsidering my calling right now.

Kentucky/Villanova: A sampling of the conversation during this game, "Go wildcats." And "hey wildcat, way to steal the ball from that wildcat." Or "i'm gonna predict that the wildcats win tonight." Also, "go blue & white!" One more, "who's responsible for pitting the wildcats up against the wildcats? The 'committee'." In the end though, the wildcats DID win, and my bracket is in good standing.

The last four games of the first round all went a little something like this: the teams I had down to lose were winning in the first few minutes. Then, simultaneously all four scoreboards were tied for about a whole minute (maybe). Then all four of my picks started picking up the pace (except the wildcats) and eventually won.

Over all, I could care less about the West and Midwest games right now. Although I would like to see VT do well, I'm not delusional. I'm pretty sure (and this is based on what I saw last night and not on that "serendipitous feeling" I described in an earlier post) that their party ends tomorrow. Still, you never know. And THAT is the beauty of the Madness. The only game worth seeing today is Vanderbilt & Washington St., though I think I have a prior engagement. The only thing I'm going to say about National Champions at this point is this: my pick is coming from the South, so stay tuned.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger Brian Nicklaus said...

go kentucky!!!!

Kansas is going to slaughter us....uggg

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Tanya said...


At 6:55 PM, Blogger Brian Nicklaus said...




At 12:33 AM, Blogger John H said...

what Brian said, but twice as loud, and twice as long..

I'm still recovering from that game and it is LATE at night.

It was great seeing you today. I truly hope that my manic WordPress behaviour didn't make you feel pressured or anything. You have a gift, and I enjoy receiving gifts.



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