March 15, 2007

don't get MAD, just shoot

Truth: March Madness is here

Predictions: Without revealing who my picks are for Final Four or even National Champion, I will start small with a few hopes for First Round.

Disclaimer #1: These picks are based on absolutely nothing save my unexplainable obsession with pure serendipity.

Translation: I like making random picks and seeing how far they actually go.

Disclaimer #2: I understand this is not the way it should be done, but shut up. These are my picks not yours. If you want to talk about YOUR picks and how YOU do it, get your OWN blog.

Yes Collins - I believe Duke will make it past the first round. Even though I would REALLY love to see you make good on your bet.

Indiana over Gonzaga

Vanderbilt over George W. (risky?, who cares.)

Malia, Xavier will bring the Morman spray (I'm sorry, I just can't seem to get enough of that)

Nashville, Belmont will go to the second round, but the party ends there.

Kentucky beats Villanova

Virginia Tech over Illinois

Tennessee over Long Beach

That's all for now, team.


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