March 14, 2007

thanks for breaking it down in such simple terms

I hate politics. But for some reason, I am WAY looking forward to next year's presidential election. It's always a media circus, but this time, it will be a star-studded media circus. Our candidates for next term are politicians we all know and love, and some we love-to-hate. We've watched them toil and spin for decades, and now they are taking that all-important step towards the big White House.

Without getting into detail about who my favorite candidates are - we'll save that for another day - I'd like to draw your attention to The Tennessean's latest attempt at "breaking-it-down" for the simple folk in all of us:

As if we hadn't know-ticed.

But thanks anyways for once again for bringing our democracy down another notch.

P.S. I'm reminded of something my sister said about Mormon spray the other day...not sure why that popped into my head just now.


At 4:54 PM, Blogger John H said...

Just curious, but did you know that B. Richardson is hispanic?

This was very helpful in identifying Hillary as a female, though..


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