October 07, 2006

i'm so money

After months and month of teaching, prodding, and repeating my name to my little nephew, he finally caught on a month or so ago. He calls me 'Money'. It's as close as he could come to the traditional phonetic pronunciation of my name 'eh-muh-lee'. I think it's cute. As far as I'm concerned he can call me Money for the rest of my life. Sometimes it sounds like Many, and lately he's been going back and forth between Many and Emy. Whichever.

Nephew: Money?
Aunt: Yes, boo-bear?
Nephew: {toddler-ese babble mixed with giggles}
Aunt: Yes.

Aunt: what are you drinking there, boo-bear?
Nephew: chicken.

Nephew: Money...?
Aunt: yes boo-bear?
Nephew: {toddler-ese babble} cow poo-pa!
Aunt: yes buddy, we saw the horse eating the popsicle in the movie.
Nephew: heheheHA!

Aunt: hey boo-bear, deal or no deal?
Nephew: NO DEAL!

Kids are fun.
Except when they bite.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger Malia said...

I hope that bite didn't leave a mark!

He asks for you every morning after you've been here the evening before, "Wee-wee Money go?" "Emily went home." "Oh, Money, home. heh-heh".


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