October 12, 2006

five years later (part deux)

It's my anniversary.
With Nashville.
Five years ago today I set out from Tampa FL in my Honda Civic crammed full of my most prized posessions, my mom riding shotgun, and a star in my eye (I can't believe I just typed that). We headed north to the deep south. Destination = new life.
We arrived late the next night. We were greeted by my 1 1/2 year old niece, my sister three years my senior (even still to this day! some things never change...), her husband - the brother I never had, and a home-made poster that said "Welcome to Nashville". I still have that poster.
They lived in a tiny 2 bedroom condo in Green Hills. I lived in the attic. For 4 months. It's good to have family.
I really love this city. I hope it loves me.

Dear Nashville,
Thanks for being my home over the last 5 years. Maybe you'll let me stay a little while longer? We've had our ups and downs. Remember when I first got here and I knocked on your door and you were all like, "who's there?", and I was all like, "hey, my name is Emily...can I live here?", and you were all like, "I don't know you", and I was all like, "just give me a chance!". Remember how you refused to employ me for like 4 months so I would get fed up and leave? Hahaha, that was funny! I mean, at the time it was NOT. But I am so happy we can look back on that now and laugh. Aren't you? But then you FINALLY gave me a job and I was so happy and I went right out that weekend and leased an apartment. And then 6 weeks later my job was gone. Hahaha, you were such a kidder back then! I'm glad you had a better job waiting right around the corner for me. I didn't even miss a paycheck! ...such a prankster.
Remember when I told you how much I loved snow, and then the very next winter you dumped so much on us that I was stuck on the interstate for 6 hours? Now every time I hear John Mayer's Room for Squares I think of that day. Only because I listened to it about 7 1/2 times while I was stuck on a closed I-40.
Remember when we saw ZZ Top eating tacos at SATCO?
Remember when we saw Faith Hill eating waffle fries at Chic-fil-A?
Nashville, whenever times get tough, think of those better days. We'll get through it together.
I hope that now that I've been here for 5 years I have paid my dues and you will stop trying to get me to leave.
Your Loving & Faithful Resident,


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

I dunno...Nashville doesn't sound like a very city to me! Burke, now that's a town! The mom and pop petstore opening just for me on Christmas eve day to sell me a killer beta fish so that my daughter's best friend could have the perfect Christmas gift. The local mom and pop Greek restaurant that now knows me over the phone and puts in our families standing order and comes out to the curb and brings me my food, so I don't have to get out and go in! Same people ask me about my children. The same town also has a chain grocery store where the stockboy/man always grabs my favorite kind of bread of the shelf for me when he sees me coming down the aisle. The spanish speaking check out clerk, speaks to me in spanish cause he knows that my kid is fluent so ergo I am too...he thinks it is genetic! I just smile and nod!

Now that is a town! But Emily--you live on in good ole Nashville! Why? Cuase it's great to be near your neice and nephew and see them grow up and have a relationship with them!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Malia said...

Can't believe she's dissin' the town that brought her into this world!! Does your pharmacist call to see how your kids are doing after being on the antibiotic for a few days?? Huh? Huh? Ok, so maybe I also go to church with my pharmacist, but still!

Emily, it's been so wonderful to have you here, so close, for the last five years. I remember making that poster (I learned new stuff about Tennessee by making it!). I remember feeling so bad that we only had that attic room that was soooo cold in the winter months for you to stay in. And you getting the stomach flu with the rest of the family that January - I was so worried that you would miss an interview because of it.

I loved getting to show you are "new" house when we moved out of that tiny condo! I loved getting to see you hold Boo-boo as a new born. I love the relationship you have with my children.

Being here for birthdays and holidays, a dependable babysitter, a generous sister, sister-in-law and aunt - we are so very glad that you are here.

Happy Anniversary!!

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

Well no he doesn't. BUT the man who owns the gas station/car repair place--again a mom and pop place--has held our check for us for a week until we had the money in the bank so our van could get fixed. That though may relly have to do with the fact that between the 2 cars we have given him almost $3000 this year alone! He has also been known to do work for free!!!

What say you NOW Nashville? smile :)

At 3:04 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

Yeah and I can't really top the whole seeing famous people. An occasional, Robert Duvall sighting at Sweetwater. Maybe a senator or 2. Jay gets some big wigs in his restaurant--sports and political. but those are not in Burke.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Malia said...

My car repair place will let me pay them back as I can if I can't cough up the entire fee at one time. :-P

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Emily said...

I forgot to mention the time Nashville gave me my first AND second speeding tickets. That was awesome. And I also saw Clint Black at Green Hills Grille. He's short.
I heart me some Nashville.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

thats the same as holding a check malicious! that one doesn't count!

VA. has never given me a ticket! Talked my way out of everyone of 'em. It also helps to worship with a local law enforcement agent or 2.

And a chiropracter! he doesn't get me out of tickets but he does keep the ole back from seizing up!

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Emily said...

I cannot, in good conscience, talk my way of something I know I deserve. How DO you sleep at night ellyn????!!!


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