October 03, 2006

Hike for the Homeless

Attention all philanthropists. This may be late notice, but in case you are free this weekend and happen to be looking for something you can do to support your community and is also fun for the whole family (was that too much?), then come on out to Edwin Warner Park on Saturday 10/7 to hike for the homeless.

This event is sponsored by and for Nashville's Safe Haven Family Shelter - the only homeless shelter in Nashville that keeps entire families together as a unit while they provide them with the tools they need to return to self-sufficiency. Their mission is to empower homeless families with children to live independently through spiritual, financial and social guidance. Children of these families get to stay in school while their parents get the aid, training, and resources they need to find jobs and affordable housing. Safe Haven family shelter has a family turnaround rate of 30-45 days! This is key because not only is this rate in the best interest of each family (to not become dependent on the shelter, but to return to society as fully functioning and contributing members), but also increases the shelter's ability to house and help more families.

Click on the title of this post to find out more about Safe Haven Family Shelter and/or to pre-register for Saturday's hike.

  • Registration 9am
  • Hike 10am
  • Pre-registrants pay $15 (groups of 10 pre-registered pay $12/each)
  • Day of hike, $20
  • Children under 12 hike free!
  • Breakfast & lunch included!
  • Games and fall fun fest activities are about $1 extra each

Hope to see you there!


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Ellyn said...

Aren't you too tired from yesterday's kamakaze workout? No? Good for you!

Get some couch time and go hike for the homeless!

I will be shopping for a homecoming dress! That is an all day affair!


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