October 14, 2006

take that Snappy Auctions!

Dear Snappy Auctions in Brentwood,

Hey, how are you? What? Business not doing so good lately? That's weird...I wonder why? It's not like you just take any item off the street or just any ol' thing that every weirdo brings in for you to post on Ebay. No....you are picky. You have an elite sense of sales. I really thought you'd go far.
By the way, that laptop I brought to you to sell......the one you kept for two weeks and never attempted to post......the one you said no one would buy......I just wanted to thank you for not taking the time to help me. Because now I get to keep all $164.30 that it went for yesterday on Ebay.
Hey, it may not be A LOT, a but that's $164 bucks I didn't have 12 hours ago, as well as a percentage of sales you'll never see.
Oh well. That's the breaks I guess.
Good luck with all the turnin' away of weirdos and their worthless junk. Hang in there...it's going to have a big pay-off one of these days.
For them.

One Weirdo You'll Never See Again,


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